Internal Conflicts


August 2011

So, something Amir said in Post Your Character! made me think about a technique we use when playing Becoming Heroes that we didn’t include in the book: internal conflicts.

Sometimes, a character has conflicting Traits that represent different aspects of their personality. And sometimes, it can be fun to play out an internal psychodrama as the character wrestles with themselves over how to act in a given situation.

When that’s the situation, we take the character sheet, and both the player and GM can describe actions and put dice down on Traits. Each Trait can only be used once in the conflict, no matter which side claimed it. At the climax of the conflict, dice are rolled as usual. However, there are no additional consequences narrated beyond the stakes—unless you spent Destiny or Doom, in which case WHY ARE YOU SPENDING THAT AGAINST YOURSELF!?

One important caveat: never force a player to do this. Only do this when a player prompts it.

So, try that and tell us what you think.